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Use a Weighbridge to Remain Compliant

The primary purpose of a weighbridge is to determine the weight of vehicles, usually trucks loaded with goods. The scale is literally on a ‘bridge’ and allows for trucks to simply drive on for weighing, and an electronic monitor displays the result. There are several types of weighbridges, such as rail, portable or digital pit and pitless. If you’re on the hunt for a weighbridge for sale, REACT International supplies them at an affordable price. 

Reasons for a Yard Weighbridge

Any operation that involves the movement of goods via a truck or rail container requires a weighbridge to ensure weight compliance. However, when you consider the reasons for having a truck weighed carefully, it goes beyond registering the weight of the vehicle and the goods.

  • An overloaded vehicle should never be allowed on the road. If you do, you’re placing every road user at risk as the safety of your vehicle is compromised. When you use a weighbridge, you receive data that informs you if your truck is compliant with safety regulations. Furthermore, allowing a truck on the road with excess weight may result in a hefty fine for improper loading. 

  • Conversely, underloading is also inefficient for your business. When your trucks aren’t fully loaded and transporting goods at less than full capacity, your expenses and running costs will dwarf your revenue. Having a weighbridge at your disposal allows you to maximise the capacity of the vehicle and increase your revenue stream. 

  • The data the weighbridge and its software produce serve a dual purpose as a vehicle management system. It’s especially handy when you own a fleet of vehicles and have to keep track of them. The software can store records of vehicles’ tare weight reducing the time spent weighing trucks before being loaded. 

Tips for Maintaining a Farm Weighbridge

When your weighbridge breaks down, it has the potential to affect your business negatively. Firstly, you have to repair the system but while you arrange that, you lose production and face possible fines for legal breaches.

  • Moisture is hazardous to several components in a weighbridge, especially load cells which are an integral part of an electronic system. Any form of moisture that seeps into the load cells compromises its ability to detect weight and operate efficiently. 

  • A weighbridge is a delicate machine that necessitates careful maintenance. However, drivers sometimes travel too fast on or off the weighbridge. Excessive braking can also damage the components within a weighbridge. To combat this, you must erect visible signs, humps or traffic lights to reduce the risk of damage. 

  • When dust and debris accumulate, it places the components of the weighbridge under strain. It’s advisable that you implement a proper cleaning routine in the form of sweeping away leaves, dust and debris and keeping the weighbridge clean. You should also never use a high-pressure hose around the sensitive parts of the weighbridge.

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