Come to Us if You Need an Excellent Quality Wheel Loader for Sale

If you are looking around for a wheel loader for sale, look no further. We provide everything you need to get your next job done with reliable equipment that meets every Australian standard.


Choose REACT International today and get the quality earthmoving equipment you need. 

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition When You Need a Farming Wheel Loader

To help you better understand why we are the best choice when you need a wheel loader, we put together a short list of what we believe keeps us a step ahead of our competition:

  • We provide a wide range of wheel loaders for your selection. Whether you need 20-ton wheel loader, a 17-ton wheel loader, a 12.5-ton wheel loader, or more, you can find it here. 

  • We offer extensive options for wheel loader attachments to ensure you get the parts you need for the job. When you work with us, you can choose from several bucket attachments such as, stone-, 4-in-1- general-purpose-, or a light materials bucket, a stick- or push rake, and much more.

  • Our heavy-duty loaders come at affordable prices to ensure your budget goes the extra mile. Not only do you get excellent quality, but you get to save some money too.


Our teams can quickly provide you with the services you need to get your earthmoving job well underway. We take care of our customers, whether they need heavy-duty loaders at affordable prices, loader attachments, or more.

Additional Products We Can Provide if You Need a 20 Ton Loader

If you need more than a loader to meet your earthmoving equipment requirements, you should always keep in mind that we can also offer the following:

  • We can provide you with an excellent range of forklifts to help with the handling of heavier things with a bit more precision. Whether you need a forklift that can handle three-, 3.5-, four tonnes, or more, you can find it here.

  • We have weighbridges available for road trains that come with easy modular construction in or above-ground. It includes a large LED external display panel with your choice of wired or wireless connection. It is 40m in length and includes a printer and computer communication port.

  • If you need container ramps, we can help with that too. Ensure that your workers on site get into and out of containers comfortably, especially when using machinery.

About Us and Our Services for Earthmoving Machinery Sales

Established in 2017, we provide our clients with excellent options to help do their earthmoving jobs that much easier. We hand select our equipment from quality factories across China and ensure that every piece of equipment incorporates Australian safety standards, design, and technology. If you want quality that will keep on giving, come to us.

Let our teams help you find the right equipment for the job, whether you need a 20-ton wheel loader, wheel loader attachments, or any other earthmoving equipment at excellent prices. Call us today and ensure your project has the heavy lifting equipment it needs.

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