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Selecting All Terrain Forklifts to Suit Any Operational Budget

On any construction site, all-terrain forklifts play a critical role in moving material to the place where the work will occur. Much different from the indoor forklifts designed to ride smoothly and evenly on warehouse floors, these units have robust tyres and a more rugged construction to handle rocky, muddy ground. When your operation needs to acquire a heavy-duty forklift cost-effectively, navigating the many options out there on the market is not always easy. However, with REACT International, finding forklifts built for tough conditions at the right price is much simpler than you might expect.


We invite you to explore more about how our Australian-owned business exercises the capabilities to source and import machines built with quality, durability, and functionality in mind. 

What to Expect From REACT International Regarding a Heavy Duty Forklift

When you choose our service to acquire a side shift forklift or other all-terrain-capable loading vehicle, we understand the importance of earning your trust. After all, making this kind of investment is not a task to take lightly. When you choose to engage our services, you may anticipate:

  • Build quality defined by attention to detail and a "quality first" approach. We're confident you will find our forklifts to be agile, easy to use, and well-suited to even tough tasks on a daily basis.

  • Excellent value for your investment. By importing directly from the manufacturer, we cut out many of the middlemen that often inflate the final price you pay for heavy machinery such as forklifts and wheel loaders. 

  • Australia-wide backup service. We maintain an extensive supply of spare parts to ensure that when you require help performing maintenance, the critical components are never far away. 

Fast Facts About Our Side Shift Forklift

Is our hardware the right choice for your operation? Though we're always happy to have an extended conversation with any of our potential customers about the specifications and capabilities of our units, here are a few quick things to know:

  • We have side shift units rated from 2500 to 3500 kg, with steps in between the minimum and maximum capacity levels. No matter how much you need to handle at work, our units perform under tough conditions.

  • Each unit relies on a diesel motor with an optional upgrade to a stronger 65 horsepower YANMAR engine. Give your crews the power they need to get the job done. 

  • Heavy-duty pneumatic tyres ensure puncture resistance and excellent performance on rough terrain. 

Why Trust REACT International for All Terrain Forklifts?

Quality is our concern from the moment the production of a forklift begins. We follow the Australian safety standards in production and manufacturing, which enables us to provide a connection directly between the manufacturer and end-user. We vet these facilities carefully and always ensure quality is up to standard while passing on serious value to you. Explore more about our forklifts now, or contact us with any questions

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