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Why Purchase a REACT Wheel Loader?

No matter the industry, a reliable machine is essential. We undertake extensive quality control measures and carry out practical inspections on all machines upon arrival in Australia. Our Wheel Loaders are equipped with Cummins engines. We work very closely with Cummins to ensure our after sale servicing is complete at the needs of the customer, in a timely manner.

REACT supplies high-quality wheel loaders, forklifts and weighbridges, at an affordable price. This is backed with guaranteed spare parts and back-up servicing.

We offer a broad range of attachments improving the versatility of a wheel loader. Our products are essential toward improving the efficiency of an operation within their suited industry. Therefore, when purchasing a wheel loader consider the availability of spare parts, back-up service and quality. These key components are assured at REACT.

What To Expect From REACT International When Purchasing a Wheel Loader

We have identified the need for high-quality machinery across Australia at an affordable price. We directly import our machinery to Adelaide, South Australia. Our Head Office is located at 13 Newcastle Crescent, Cavan. We provide excellent customer service, spare parts and after sales service. This is guaranteed at REACT.

We stock wheel loaders from 6 ton to 20 ton. This range provides  a machine for every purpose. Our sales team provide insight on the machine best suited for each individual buyer.

Safety is one of our highest concerns and it cannot be ignored. The Australian Safety Standards are met across our machinery range ensuring the safety of operators.


Our wheel loaders are equipped with a Cummins engines.  This is backed by Cummins Australia with a genuine 2-year/2000-hour warranty. Cummins founded 1919 in the United States, is a trusted well-known corporation. These engines are bullet proof. 

Benefits of REACT Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are one of the main machines used, particularly in agriculture, construction and quarry industries. It can be assured that each customer will purchase a machine to suit their needs when they buy from REACT. With over 30 years’ experience, in the agricultural industry, our sales team guide customers to the machine suited for the work needed to be complete.


Our wheel loaders are robust and extremely versatile. The benefits are limited to a customer’s imagination. We have a strong agricultural background, providing our understanding for the need of high-quality affordable machinery and attachments across agricultural, construction and quarry industries. Therefore, we offer a broad range of heavy-duty attachments that make a wheel loader highly beneficial and versatile. All our wheel loaders have a quick-hitch assembly, making the heavy-duty attachments quickly interchangeable. An operator can change an attachment without leaving the cab.


The agricultural industry is extremely diverse across Australia. However, the versatility of wheel loaders makes them beneficial within all sectors of this industry. Main uses are shifting dirt, materials and equipment, preparing job sites and clearing area. Our wheel loaders are fitted with ZF technology transmission reaching 40km/h road speed with tremendous horsepower. This provides farmers with the ability to carry heavy loads over distances at speed.


Our machines are manufactured from high-quality materials making them durable for Australia’s weather conditions. The wheel loaders are equipped with an auto greaser; therefore, the maintenance required is minimal. Our wheel loaders have a two-year warranty. We understand the value of a machine; therefore, we stock spare parts for all REACT products and offer servicing.

About REACT International 

Our first machine sold in 2018; since, REACT has grown to have sold high-quality machines across all states of Australia. Our experienced sales and service team offer expert advice to provide the right machine to suit each individual customer’s needs. We put Quality First as we understand the importance a reliable machine is to its owner. Thorough planning and research are undertaken, ensuring our products are suited to the Australian weather.

Our purpose is to provide high-quality, affordable machinery and equipment with guaranteed access to spare parts and service. This was determined by CEO Ian Evans, former farmer, as he acknowledged the need for affordable earthmoving machinery, during his time working in the agricultural industry.

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