Acquire a High-Quality Wheel Loader in Australia 

Obtaining a wheel loader in Australia is integral to increasing your efficiency in the industry. Whether you use loaders for agriculture, construction or earth-moving, you require machinery that is reliable and capable of producing results. REACT International supplies loaders that are of a superior standard at a fraction of the prices we’re used to from US and European suppliers. 

Benefits of Industrial Wheel Loaders

Transporting heavy goods on a construction site is reserved for a 17-ton wheel loader. However, there are other sectors that have come to appreciate the versatility of a wheel loader. Using a farming loader has benefited farmers in their daily work and increased productivity. These are some of the benefits of acquiring a wheel loader for your business:

  • The primary benefit of having a farm loader around is the ability to carry heavy loads from one point to another. Loaders are generally quick and have tremendous horsepower, which results in faster delivery. As a result, your projects are completed efficiently and in less time. 

  • Modern-day loaders are manufactured from fine materials and are less susceptible to breakdowns. In fact, they don’t require much maintenance. All you do is have it serviced at its recommended intervals, and there shouldn’t be any major issues. Always use parts that are of high-quality when you decide to conduct a service. You should check the loader every week to ensure there are no lingering problems. 

  • Wheel loaders are incredibly versatile. Their ability to be fitted with loader-specific attachment is what makes them an integral part of a fleet. You can interchange buckets with other attachments in no time.

What to Expect from REACT International Regarding a Loader for Sale

We have identified the need for quality machinery across Australia and decided to import directly from the manufacturer to our head offices in Adelaide. As a result, we pass on the savings to our customers who enjoy using loaders that are strong and efficient. When you deal with us, you can expect old-fashioned customer service and the ideal source of parts. 

  • We stock a vast catalogue of loaders, each designed for their own purpose. Our design and quality standards are met by manufacturers across China who create our equipment according to Australian safety standards. You will find complete details about every loader in our inventory which guides you to select the ideal one for your operation. 

  • We have a background in the agriculture industry and understand the need for an efficient loader. Hence, we supply attachments that are designed specifically for our machines which make everyday work a little easier. If you require spare parts for your equipment, we’re more than happy to assist. 

  • Our T-Series loaders come with Cummins engines, with complete support from Cummins Australia. Every T-Series loader you acquire from us includes a two-year engine warranty which gives you peace of mind that your loader will be taken care of should anything go wrong with its engine during this time. 

About REACT International 

Our team has amassed over 80 years of experience in the industry, which is why we are aware of its needs. The intention of our existence is to provide our customers with equipment that is new in terms of technology, along with parts and services at wholesale prices. Our motto is “quality first, best price and best customer service”, and we have thus far achieved that.

We provide full original equipment manufacturer warranties on all our equipment. Contact us for all your loader requirements, whether you’re looking to buy one or require new attachments. 

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