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Get the Forklift Accessories You Need from Our Professionals Today

When you need forklift accessories to help better your on-site productivity, we provide an extensive list of options. We also offer other earthmoving equipment products and will always ensure the customer service is what you expect. Choose REACT International and get the earthmoving gear you need. 

Benefits of REACT's Forklift Range

When you come to us for forklifts or other items such as a container mast, you should always expect the following benefits from our professional teams and service:

  • We will always provide the best customer service out there. If you have questions or need suggestions from our professionals regarding the best options for your unique job, we will do everything we can to assist you.

  • Our products come with back-up parts and a service guarantee to ensure they work that much harder for you and provide you with the hours you need from them and more.

  • Our services are available to customers Australia-wide. We have a history of satisfied clients all over to provide you with the peace of mind you need knowing that wherever you are, we can help you.

Whether you are looking for a team that can provide excellent customer support, back-up parts and service guarantees, or delivery Australia-wide, we are the obvious choice. When you come to us, you get the quality earthmoving equipment you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions we have received from our clients over the years of doing business:

  • Do you provide any sort of warranty with your products? We offer a 2-year engine warranty on our loaders, supported by Cummins Australia to ensure your loaders can go even further than the extra mile.

  • Will it be difficult for me to find spare parts for your equipment? Not at all. Even though our machines come from China, we stock all the spare parts you could need to ensure that whenever something goes wrong, the repair is fast and efficient.

  • Do you have wheel loaders available? Yes, we do. We have a wide range, in fact. You can find wheel loaders here that can handle 20-, 17-, 12.5-, 11-, 9.5-, 5.6-, and even 3.7 tonnes if you want a much smaller loader. We also have several loader attachments available to ensure you have what you need for the job.

Why Purchase From REACT

With more than 80 years of combined experience within our business, we understand the equipment you need to complete your job. We offer a wide range of forklifts, wheel loaders, and accessories. We ensure quality service, aftersales service and provide guaranteed access to spare parts.

The next time you need earthmoving equipment, come to us. Whether you need forklifts, weigh bridges, attachments, or a wheel loader, we have you covered. Call us today and get the equipment you need to get your job done right.

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