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Wheel Loader Attachments Built Tough 

Wheel loaders are a versatile machine for a variety of earthmoving and building tasks. Wheel Loader attachments allow operators to use these machines for a vast range of operations. We provide a broad variety of heavy duty attachments to suit the needs of our customers. 

All attachments undergo a thorough quality control process to ensure the safety and quality of these products. REACT International delivers one of the most reliable services in heavy earthmoving equipment.

The Benefits of a Heavy Duty Loader from REACT International

Wheel loaders are one of the main machines used, particularly in agriculture, construction and quarry industries. It can be assured that each customer will purchase a machine to suit their needs when they buy from REACT. With over 30 years’ experience, in the agricultural industry, our sales team guide customers to the machine suited for the work needed to be complete.


Our wheel loaders are robust and extremely versatile. The benefits are limited to a customer’s imagination. We have a strong agricultural background, providing our understanding for the need of high-quality affordable machinery and attachments across agricultural, construction and quarry industries. Therefore, we offer a broad range of heavy-duty attachments that make a wheel loader highly beneficial and versatile. All our wheel loaders have a quick-hitch assembly, making the heavy-duty attachments quickly interchangeable. An operator can change an attachment without leaving the cab.


The agricultural industry is extremely diverse across Australia. However, the versatility of wheel loaders makes them beneficial within all sectors of this industry. Main uses are shifting dirt, materials and equipment, preparing job sites and clearing area. Our wheel loaders are fitted with ZF technology transmission reaching 40km/h road speed with tremendous horsepower. This provides farmers with the ability to carry heavy loads over distances at speed.


Our machines are manufactured from high-quality materials making them durable for Australia’s weather conditions. The wheel loaders are equipped with an auto greaser; therefore, the maintenance required is minimal. Our wheel loaders have a two-year warranty. We understand the value of a machine; therefore, we stock spare parts for all REACT products and offer servicing.

REACT Wheel Loader Attachment - Stick Ra
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