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Front loaders are essential and versatile machines for a wide variety of earthmoving and building tasks, but it is the combination of the vehicle and the right wheel loader attachments that makes it a true workhorse. From construction to farming and beyond, different attachments enable a wide range of functionalities that allow fewer people to accomplish more work in less time. From a general-purpose wheel loader bucket to special tools such as soil augers, where should you turn to find attachments assembled with quality as the first thing in mind? At REACT International, we have the answers.

Australian-owned and operated, we provide superior service across Australia to all those who require not only a reliable resource for a value-enhanced Chinese loader, but for its attachments, too. With a rigorous quality control process and strong relationships with our hand-selected international manufacturing partners, REACT International delivers one of the most reliable services in heavy earthmoving equipment. Consider how our products stand apart and how we provide a better resource.

The Benefits of a Heavy Duty Loader from REACT International

A loader is an important investment. As equipment that will likely serve your business for a decade or more with proper maintenance, it is a long-term concern. As such, we understand how crucial it is for our customers to know precisely what they're agreeing to purchase. Consider some of the key advantages afforded by purchasing such hardware from our business:

  • We supply a complete range of joy stick loader options, from small 3.7 ton machines up to 20-ton loaders. This level of versatility simplified the acquisition of the specific equipment you require. 

  • These units rely on proven Cummins motors, delivering superior power, torque, and lifelong durability. With modern driver cabs and intuitive controls, guiding that power to the right purpose on your job site is easy. 

  • We've designed an exclusive range of attachments just for our loaders. Not only does this ensure it is easier to purchase the attachments at a competitive rate, but you're certain to know they will work effectively with the machinery you use. 

From proven quality to robust post-sales support and parts supply, REACT International strives to be your ideal heavy equipment supplier. 

REACT Wheel Loader Attachment - Stick Ra

What to Expect from REACT International Regarding Fork Extensions

Among the many types of loader attachments we've created exclusively for our own machinery are a variety of different fork extensions. Suitable for heavy-duty lifting and moving when a regular forklift simply won't do, these options are built tough to withstand challenging Australian conditions. What else can you expect when you put them into the field?

  • Options for handling both hay and heavy pallets. Whether you need to move large and bulky pallets of cargo or you're handling numerous hay bales all at once, we have extensions designed and purpose-built for these needs.

  • High-grade steel construction performed exacting standards. Trust that your forks can stand up to the heavy-duty loads they'll need to handle every day while your crews work.

  • Some of our fork extensions come as free inclusions with the purchase of the appropriate loader. For example, 4- and 6-ton loaders may receive a complimentary hay fork attachment with purchase. 

About REACT International

"Quality first" — that's the motto of our team. From putting in a painstaking effort to select manufacturers capable of executing Australian safety and quality standards to ensuring that our customers always have an ample supply of spare parts, we aim to provide the most valuable option for loaders and their attachments across Australia.

To contact our team for a quote or to start a purchase order, please contact us at your convenience.

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