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About TEU

TEU is an internationally recognised company. They are a leader in the Chinese forklift industry with machines in nearly 100 countries and regions. Their focus is on manufacturing high-quality machinery. They continually research and develop their products to sustain globalised technological advancements within the industry. All machines go through strict quality control and meet the Australian Safety Standards..

Why Purchase a TEU Forklift?

We are a South Australian owned enterprise with an agricultural background. Our lifetime of experience allow us to understand the needs of our market – high-quality machinery, at an affordable price. We confidently offer a one-year parts and labour warranty on all TEU forklifts. 

  • We offer a broad range of attachments allowing a forklift to become a more versatile machine.

  • TEU forklifts are value for money and are recognised internationally.

  • We provide full back-up and servicing

  • We stock a wide range of forklifts to suit various operations and needs. Our lifting capacity varies from 2 ton – 10 ton.

  • The standard features across our forklift rage are a king pin, 4.5m wide view container mast, suspension seat, LED lights, side shift, Pneumatic wheels, electric direction, power steering, oil cooler, reversing alarm, engine sound proofing. We provide the option of hydraulic fork positioning, extended forks, cab, solid tires, fireproof muffler, upper exhaust pipe, rotating beacon and LPG conversion system.

You can be assured that we will meet your needs.

REACT’s Relationship with TEU

REACT is the South Australian and Victorian dealership for TEU Forklifts. Extensive research was undertaken when choosing the forklift manufacturer, with in-depth consideration of quality. TEU develop well manufactured high-quality equipment. This was instantaneously recognisable. We give credit to TEU for the remarkable finish of their products and confidently provide warranty and back-up servicing. 

Benefits of a TEU Forklift

Forklifts are ideal for working in open or compact locations. They allow an operator to quickly move heavy goods and increase the efficiency of an operation. They provide the ability to reach and store goods in high locations. TEU forklifts are ready to work.


We offer forklifts with a lifting capability from 2-10 tonne. Scales can be fitted to allow an operator to weigh goods during operation. Yanmar, Xinchai-Perkins or Nissan Engines are available. We offer a variety of engines to suit particular needs or requirements of customers. Standard features are: Side shift, Pneumatic steer wheels, electric direction switch, Shimadzu Hydraulic pump and valves, adjustable steering column, power steering, suspension seat and engine sound proofing with the option of a fork positioner. The electrical features are LED lights, reversing alarm, horn and a safety seat switch. These forklifts are well manufactured and maintenance required is minimal. The engine compartment is designed to be easily accessible for servicing with excellent access to filters. 


Safety is one of the highest priorities and TEU meet the Australian Safety Standards.

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