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  • Why you should buy REACT Chinese made machines?
    Historically, China has not been renowned for quality of product or workmanship. However, they have progressed to compete favorably with other manufacturing countries. REACT assemble the wheel loaders at their Cavan workshop here in Australia, where a series of tests are performed to ensure high quality parts are maintained and workmanship before the machines leave the yard. I can, without doubt, recommend REACT Machines.
  • Why would I buy from the REACT brand?
    Australian owned and operated since 2017. REACT have quality and a price tag to match associated with our machines. Huge savings can be made and this is topped off with a two year warranty.
  • How long will it take to get my REACT machine?
    If we have one in our yards and its availble then we can frieght it straight away. Otherwise it will take about 8-12 weeks for the production and freight to your doorstep.
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